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This paper will define innovation design and creativity in business. It will also describe the importance of these three terms in meeting organizational objectives. Innovation Design and Creativity Innovation design and creativity is described in different ways depending on the individual or group that is defining the terms. In this paper these terms will be defined as they are used in business. Innovation is defined as the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay (Business Dictionary 2014). Design is the realization of aDefinitions Paper concept or idea into a configuration drawing model mold pattern plan or specification and which helps achieve the item?s designated objective(s) (Business Dictionary 2014). Von Stam defines design as the conscious decision-making process by which information as an idea is transformed into an outcome be it tangible or intangible? (Von Stam 2008). According to Business Dictionary online creativity is defined as mental characteristic that allows a person to think outside of the box which results in innovative or different approaches to a particular task? (2014). VonStam describes creativity as an act of coming up with an idea is an inherently individual act ? it is the development of an idea and the implementation where needed? (Von Stam 2008). Meeting Organizational Objectives The most important goal in an organization is to achieve longevity and maintain their competitive edge. In order to maintain a competitive advantage and long term success organizations need to incorporate innovation creativity and design. Products services and internal processes need to be frequently analyzed to determine productivity and efficiency levels. Organizations should use innovation creativity and design to develop new or to improve on current products services or processes to achieve long term success. Conclusion In conclusion creativity sparks innovation with the result being a design. A company creates an idea to fill an internal or external need with creativity and then they use innovation to turn an idea into a good or service. Lastly they use design to make a plan so that the idea can equal the desired outcome. Long term success can be achieved by using innovation creativity and design to introduce a new product into the marketplace or to improve a current product service or internal process. References Business Dictionary (2014). Definition of creativity. Retrieved from Business Dictionary (2014). Definition of design. Retrieved from Business Dictionary (2014). Definition of innovation. Retrieved from VonStam B. (2008). Managing innovation design and creativity (2nd ed.). Chichester United Kingdom: Wiley.a”

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