Dell OEM Asia-Pacific/Japan-Case

Dell OEM Asia-Pacific/Japan-CaseTwo multi-media cases featuring Dell OEM?s Hong Kong based General Manager for the Asia Pacific Japan region, Glen Burrows address issues tied to client needs for a software hardware bundling strategy and an Asia growth strategy.Company ProfileCompany: Dell Inc. (Hong Kong)Size: LargeIndustry: Computer TechnologyBusiness Activity: ManufacturingType of Entity: Public CorporationNumber of Employees: More than 10,000Country: Hong KongHeadquarters: Austin, TexasYearly Revenue: Greater than $25 millionIssue 1I am Glen Burrows, Asia Regional GM for Dell?s OEM Embedded Computing Business. We had a software customer come to us recently looking to expand its market. Here was their challenge. As a software solutions company. They had expertise here in the Asia region around storage management and wanted to expand their business but did not have the expertise in house to develop solutions where their software would go on a hardware as a bundled device and that bundle sold into the market as an appliance. The question that they brought to us was what should they do? How should they develop this?Cause 1This is important for a firm selling software-based solutions for a couple of reasons. First, there is a natural opportunity to expand their revenue if they can make a bundled solution. Arguably they would have a lot of their same customers that already buy the software from them, looking to buy the complete solution as a bundled opportunity to get the same value from the software but done in a more seamless way. So all they have to do is buy the hardware, plug it in and be ready to go. Secondarily, it matches the competitive nature of the industry. If you are a software only company and you are trying to sell your solution as a software against firms that offer software solutions and bundled hardware and software solutions, you don?t have the same opportunities as your competitors do. It does not make for a like for like comparison. Two reasons than, competitive reasons and also the natural growth that could come from expanding their product portfolio.Issue 2I am Glen Burrows, the Asia Regional GM for Dell?s OEM Embedded Computing Business. Recently a U.S. manufacturer of network power solutions came to us to consider how it could grow its business in Asia. Network power products manage the power and cooling requirements of the world?s data centres. In these modern times this is extremely important around both the energy footprint of the building and also the space requirements for the data centre. The question in front of this firm was how could it develop offerings specific to its Asia business.Cause 2Asia is the world?s fastest growing data center marketplace. For a multinational firm in this industry, they have to be effective in Asia; they have to be a player in Asia. The firm needs to know how to grow here, both against its global competition and against homegrown players that have been developing their offerings for Asia, within Asia.Some backgrounds,,,,What does Dell OEM do and how is it different?Dell OEM solutions provides customers both local and global, with a complete solution for their supply chain requirements on embedded and computing requirements at the attached appliance level. This is an end to end value proposition for our customers. We develop the technology that our customers require. We customize existing Dell platforms. We take it through regulatory approval. We include the opportunity to provide custom packaging different bezels and different bio splash screens so when the system boots up it does not appear to be a Dell system but it has been completely customized for the application that our customers are looking for. We have tailored solutions post sale as well so that products that are sold as embedded computing products to our customers can be supported as such rather than be support as end user computing equipment. So it is end to end solutions by Dell right from product development through deployment and post sales service.Why has Dell been successful to date?Dell?s global OEM solutions business is a dedicated team within Dell leveraging the configured ordered heritage of the Dell business. Dell was built on being direct with our customers. Being direct with our customers and building solutions custom tailored to their requirements. That is the legacy of Dell. That is our heritage as a company. Dell OEM solution leverages that legacy with a dedicated team of engineering resources that develop customized solutions for our customers. A dedicated global sales and presales team around the world that delivers those custom solutions tailored for our customers and a post sales service and support model tailored for those customers. We support industrial embedded computing solutions and solutions in the appliance domain that have been tailored and developed for specific vertical requirements and support those customers with those solutions in the field post-sale.TO ORDER FOR THIS QUESTION OR A SIMILAR ONE, CLICK THE ORDER NOW BUTTON AND ON THE ORDER FORM, FILL ALL THE REQUIRED DETAILS THEN TRACE THE DISCOUNT CODE, TYPE IT ON THE DISCOUNT BOX AND CLICK ON ?USE CODE? TO EFFECT YOUR DISCOUNT. THANK YOU

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