Delphi Corp. fraud describe

Delphi Corp. fraud describeProject descriptionMy topic is describe the company- Delphi Corp. fraudproviding a comprehensive overview of the fraud including1) A brief description of the fraud including who, what, then and where;2)The backgrounds of the perpetratorsFor part 1: I have some research: who: Delphi Corporation and Nine Individuals, Including Former CEO, CFO, Treasurer and Controller, in Wide-RangingFinancial Fraud; Four Others Charged With Aiding and Abetting Related Violationswhat:when a company and its officers engage in accounting fraud in order to hide the company?s financial difficulties from investors, analysts, andothers. The facts here are particularly troubling because of the number of fraudulent schemes engaged in by Delphi, the length of time over whichthey occurred, and the number of Delphi employees, including senior officers, who carried out the schemesAnd for part 2:The AAER gives names and dates of the perpetrators. Use the internet resources available to you to investigate anything you can find on theperpetrators background. Your investigation should focus on the fraud triangle: The pressure the perpetrator was under, the opportunity, and his/herlikely rationalization for the deed. As a starting point, go to Lexis/ Nexis and look for newspaper clippings as well as information from the AAERitselfDelphi Corporation and Nine Individuals, Including Former CEO, CFO, Treasurer and Controller, in Wide-Ranging Financial Fraud; Four Others ChargedWith Aiding and Abetting Related ViolationsJ.T. Battenberg, III of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and Naples, Fla., the former Chief Executive Officer of Delphi and Chairman of its Board ofDirectors;Alan Dawes of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., the former Chief Financial Officer of Delphi;Paul Free of Oakland, Mich., a former Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of Delphi;John Blahnik of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., a former Treasurer and Senior Vice President of Delphi;Milan Belans of Farmington Hills, Mich., a former Director of Capital Planning and Pension Analysis at Delphi;Catherine Rozanski of Troy, Mich., a former Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting at Delphi;Judith Kudla of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., a former Director of Finance in Delphi?s information technology department;Scot McDonald of Carrollton, Texas, who is employed by a Texas-based information technology company and formerly served as its Manager of U.S. GAAPConsulting and Reporting; andB.N. Bahadur of West Bloomfield, Mich., who, in the relevant period, was the founder, sole owner and principal of a Michigan-based private managementconsulting company.!

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