Dental Patient Information and Billing System

Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION This chapter presents the project which shows the justification and origins of the background of the which shows the main goals and aims why the study is scope and which show the strengths and weakness of the study and covers the limit or the extent of the and significance of the shows the importance of the study and its Project Context The project focuses mainly on generating patient information reports and providing them an efficient way of storing and getting The Billing which is a solution for the inaccuracies that are currently happening with the use of manual not only for the dental but also for the transactions with The project is made to be to give an efficient and time saving service for the dental clinic in order for them to operate smoothly and hustle Since the rooms of the users are all it is best for them to use the system for security and conduct an efficient operation especially when there are many customers for a particular day considering the security that they will have since the information will only flow around the computers that they will The project will make use of the efficient

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