Description of Process

Description of ProcessDescription of Process *Where and how you began. *Describe the finding tools used (catalogs, indexes, databases). List the search terms used (subject headings, keywords, names) and where they led you. *Document the search techniques/strategies used and their usefulness. *Modifications you made to your search terms, techniques and tools. *How the annotated bibliography was organized, what citation style was used and the rationale for both. *Include specific examples. Essay part 2 Evaluation of Process Evaluation of Process *Specific stumbling blocks you encountered. Why they occurred and if they could have been avoided. *Describe search terms, techniques and tools that were most successful, ones that were not successful, and why. *Decision-making points; why you selected/rejected certain information sources, tools and techniques. *How you evaluated and selected sources for the annotated bibliography. *How well is the topic represented in print or electronic/internet resources? *Would you go about this project differently knowing what you know now? *How do your present research methods and concepts compare with those you had before? *What advice would you give to someone embarking on a similar research project? What are the most valuable concepts/techniques you learned? *The best information source for your annotated bibliography and the best finding tool used. Why? *What research strategies, techniques and tools will you use for future projects.:

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