Determining Databases and Data Communications

Determining Databases and Data Communications BIS 320 University of Phoenix Cornell Perry In this paper the writer will seek to respond to the questions designated for both This paper will list typical fields for each type of Provide an example of two relationships that you need to This paper will also answer the questions Do you need a database If can handle the data and the What are the advantages and Would you use a personal database or an enterprise Explain your Would a decision support system be Explain your When directing companies who work diligently with computer it becomes increasingly imperative to have an adequate knowledge of the technology that is This will allow those who have to manage information to make the most effective choice concerning what technology should be used for the In the two making the best choices in technology allows the manager to best confer time and energy with superficially formidable For in the first an marketing assistant of a consumer electronics company is asked to not only maintain the booths for various trade shows from beginning to but is also asked to ensure that there any issues that arise during the delivery of the

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