Develop a Team Charter

Develop a Team Charter?Teams that effectively share leadership typically begin by agreeing to a common goal and how it will be achieved. The development of a team charter is an effective way to accomplish this task. Discuss and agree upon the following items:?Define the mission or fundamental purpose of your project.?List and define the shared values that will guide the key behaviors and work values of your team.?Agree upon the shared goal that the team members to like to achieve as a result of the project.?List the shared objectives or important milestones that the team must reach in order to achieve its goal.?Identify the shared tasks that need to be performed in order to achieve the objectives and goal.?List the shared Assignments, identifying who is responsible for completing each task and when each task is due.?Evaluate the progress made on the shared Assignments by agreeing upon the performance measures that will be used to gauge progress (this will be used in your peer evaluation).?Ensure each team member has an opportunity to contribute to the team charter, provide feedback, and reach consensus on it.!

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