Developed a Scenario Involving Boundaries and Multiple Relationships

Developed a Scenario Involving Boundaries and Multiple RelationshipsWarm-up 5.1Take the pre-chapter self-inventory and examine your awareness of boundaries and multiple relationships. Keep a careful record of your responses to this self-inventory for use later in your Signature Assignment.Warm-up 5.2Review Behnke (2008). In this vignette from the APA Monitor on Psychology, the author uses a unique way of plotting the dual relationship between a student intern at a counseling center and the increasingly transparent nature of a relationship her client is having with one of her friends. Carefully note how the author has suggested that this relationship be represented on a graph.AssignmentA university is similar to a rural area or closed cultural group, wherein the members tend to know each other and social and professional relationships may cross lines. Consider other situations in which multiple relationships may be almost unavoidable.Based on situations that might develop for psychologists within your area of specialization, develop a scenario in which a multiple relationship might exist. Analyze the ethical issues surrounding this multiple relationship.?Provide an introduction based on the ethical principles of dealing with boundaries and multiples relationships as explained in the APA code of ethics.?Develop a scenario in which you present a boundary or multiple relationship issue.?Using the example in the APA vignette above, plot this scenario on a graph, showing how personal and professional issue converge at the beginning of the scenario.?Imagine that this situation escalated and the multiple relationship became more problematic. Show this on the graph.?End the scenario with a solution; plot this solution on the graph.When preparing your scenario refer to at least 3 references from scholarly sources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.Length: At least 3 pages written material in addition to graphs plotting the progress of the scenario on x and y axes. Include at least 3 scholarly references in your paper.

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