Developing Digital Business

Developing Digital BusinessIn assignment 1 (1750 words), you are required to produce an element of the business proposal presented as a Business Report for use in a real world context outlining your Digital Business Strategy for your chosen start-up company based on the case study provided in the assignment brief.Assignment 2 is based upon the same organisation you developed in assignment 1. There are two parts in Assignment 2.Part 1 (1200 words): Written Presentation. You are required to work as though you have been commissioned to provide a professional Digital Business consultancy to a potential investor in your business. You can assume that the potential investor has limited technical knowledge so do not confuse them with technical jargon. If a technical description is absolutely necessary, then it must be explained briefly in non-technical terms. It will be assessed as though it were a real business proposition viable in the current economic and political climate. You may also wish to consider wider issues such as: 1. How will the changing economic climate affect the business strategy? 2. How will the fluctuating exchange rate between Pound Sterling and the Euro affect the business? 3. What are the issues of dealing with multiple currencies? 4. What are the issues of dealing with multiple languages? 5. Is sustainability an issue for business?Part 2: Written Submission. Component 1: Reflective essay (1000 words). A critical reflection of your assignment. What are their strength and weaknesses? If you were to undertake this work again what would you do differently and why? You should be specific.Component 2 (1200 words): An annotated bibliography detailing the sources you have used to inform your work. For each source, the annotated bibliography should provide: 1. a description of the main findings of at least 8 of your sources and; 2. Your assessment, with justification, of the strengths and weaknesses of each source. The annotation should be no more than 200 words (half a page) per reference. This limit might be reached for one or two critically useful sources. The best work will consist of an appropriate blend of academic and practitioner literature. To ensure your work is contemporary it should be supported by evidence of current debate in media:

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