Development of Scince and Technology in India

Since India has endeavoured to bring economic and social change through science and The effort has been both on upgrading the traditional skills to make them relevant and competitive and developing advanced capabilities in frontier areas of science and The visionaries who led the growth of science and technology in India were convinced that could play an important role in transforming India in to a industrialized Experience and results show that this confidence was well and innovation are even more relevant Scientific knowledge and high industrial infrastructure and skilled workforce are the currencies of this new Science and Technology are important drivers of economic growth and development in the contemporary The present juncture is critical for Indian science and major positive steps in this area will help the country to achieve sustained and rapid growth in the The Science and Technology Division of the Planning Commission is the nodal division for all matters relating to Science and Technology Plan formulation both Five Year Plans and Annual and appraisal of the programmes of six major of Atomic Energy Sector of Space of Science and Technology of Biotechnology of Scientific and Industrial Research including the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of

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