deviance and crime

deviance and crimePaper instructions:Write a 300 or more word paper that addresses the questions below.The media informs many viewers of deviance and crime, victims of crime, and justice in society. Consider and describe the following:1.Where do you get your information about: a.Deviant behaviorb.Crimec.Victims of crimed.Justice for victims2.Describe your perception of a.Deviant behavior i.What behavior is deviant according to your values?b.Crime i.What do you believe is the root or cause of crime?ii.What types of crimes do you believe happen most?iii.Who do you believe commits crime?c.Victims of crime i.Who do you believe is likely to be a victim?ii.Have you ever been fearful of a crime occurring to you or your family?iii.What do you believe about victims that you hear about?d.Justice for victims i.How do you see justice handled in our society?ii.What form of punishment do you see as being effective or ineffective?

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