Digital History

Digital HistoryReconstruction (Textbook tab): Age: Closing the Western Frontier and Gilded Age: Tragedy of the Plains Indians (Textbook tab): essay will consist of three paragraphs (4-6 sentences each = around 2 pages in length) on how a primary source relates to each week?s readings. Students should choose a primary source using the Documents tab for the era(s) from the assigned readings.Reconstruction (Documents tab): Age (Documents tab): The first paragraph should briefly describe and summarize the source as well as explain how it relates to the assigned readings for this lesson. The second paragraph should analyze the source, writing about and interpreting how it specifically reflects and/or obscures aspects of history. The third paragraph should state what was surprising, unexpected, or confusing about the source and what was learned through performing this analysis.List the source in bibliographic form according to the Chicago Manual of Style. See the following link for this citation style, listed under History: :

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