Digital Marketing and Communications

Digital Marketing and CommunicationsAssignment taskThe role of mobile digital marketing within a contemporary business environment is becoming more and more prevalent. We have seen in our studies over the last few weeks that the growth of the web in desktop and mobile device is a primary force in allowing people to shop, browse and communicate with companies within a digital platform.However every decision within this medium needs to be made with understanding, facts and research. Therefore for the purposes of this assignment you will be required to investigate the role of mobile or web based marketing within contemporary digital marketing. You will be required to critically analyse and develop an online marketing plan for an organisation of your choice. Based on your analysis do the following:? Critically identify and define the marketing environment for the organisation of your choice.? Using a SWOT or PESTLE framework Identify in depth areas of opportunity and weakness and use these to formulate the objectives of your marketing plan. Use the SMART framework to help you formulate your objectives.? Detail your strategy and how you intend to implement it. As part of your strategy you will need to detail your niche and target market as well as your positioning and differentiation strategy.? You will be expected to implement your ideas and therefore you will need to develop a fully functioning Android App through the use of the app inventor website OR a fully functioning website through the use of or Whichever avenue you decide to pursue you will need to outline your planning and design processes. This must include a wire frame and a navigational outline to show that the necessary information and planning process has taken place.? Develop a measurement strategy based on defined online metrics and analytical criteria.? Reflect on the information and process developments. Carefully consider, style, layout and appropriate e-marketing activities that were integral during the implementation phase.Reflect on the decisions you have made and the ideas you propose and give full justification.This is an individual written assignment with a limit of 2500 words.!

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