Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing.Project descriptionYou are to imagine that you are the Marketing Manager for a company based in Scotland. This can be a company from an established large organisation to a small medium enterprise (SMEs)The company?s Director has asked you to prepare a report in which you have to 1) assess company?s current digital marketing strategy and 2) develop new digital marketing strategy.In the report you are expected to cite the academic sources of the models and approaches you decide to use when researching and developing your strategy. Those should be fully referenced using the Harvard referencing system. An explanation of the referencing system can be found on Moodle.Please note that you are required to prepare a strategic marketing plan with academic references but not academic essay. To develop the strategy you will need to do a significant amount of background research as it strategic marketing plan requires considerable analysis and estimation.You may (but do not have to) submit appendix with background working papers to show your thinking and development of specific sections. The appendix will not be included in a word countGeneral guidance and marking criteriaYou are required to be very familiar with the relevant theory relating to marketing. Wider reading in the subject area which goes beyond the core text (such as journal articles and specialist monographs) will be needed. It is important that you set out the relevant issues clearly; that you have a good coverage of the relevant theories and that you can apply them to the case company in a creative and critically evaluative manner. The arguments and conclusions you present should be clear and logical. In addition, your referencing should support your analysis and add weight to the points raised.The primary aim of the report, and criteria for awarding marks, is in your ability to demonstrate that you understand the contribution that theory can make to marketing practice, and can apply it to a real situation. Satisfactory marks will not be awarded for assignments that merely describe what the company should be doing.You will be assessed on the basis of the following marking criteria:1. Evidence of student interacting with a wide academic literature (books and journals) in a critical fashion. (15 marks)2. Critical assessment of company?s current digital marketing strategy(25 marks)3. Development of new digital marketing strategy, with good coverage of the relevant theories and evidence to justify the inclusion of the different elements(35 marks)4. Use of evidence and examples to justify choices within the strategic plan(15 marks)5. Sources clearly identified within the contents and appropriately referenced (Harvard style).

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