Direct Change Based on Accounting INformation

Direct Change Based on Accounting INformationProject descriptionComplete the following exercise. Provide your answers in an MSWord document or as an Excel spreadsheet with each exercise or problem clearly labeled.Trimble Company sells an electronic toy for $40. The variable cost is $24 per unit and the fixed cost is $32,000 per year. Management is considering the following changes:Alternative #1Lease a new packaging machine for $4,000 per year, which will reduce variable cost by $1 per unit.Alternative #2Increase selling price 10 percent to counteract an expected 25 percent increase in fixed cost.Alternative #3Reduce fixed cost by 25 percent by moving to a lower rent location. This would have the effect of increasing variable costs by 10 percent.Required:Answer each of the following questions independently, showing your calculations. Also, provide a few sentences explaining your answers:Round calculations to the nearest unit1. Determine the current break-even point in units and dollars.2. Determine the expected profit assuming alternative #1 and sales of 3,200 units.3. Determine the break-even point in units and dollars assuming alternative #2.4. Determine the break-even point required in units and dollars assuming alternative #3.5. Determine the volume of sales required to earn $23,600 assuming alternative #3. s

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