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Direct Inquiry WebX CorporationYou?ve been given the important assignment from your boss, a VP at a small website development firm in Washington, D.C.?WebX Corporation: to arrange a relax-and-recharge retreat for the company employees. The boss wants to hold the retreat in the Luray, Virginia, area, in the Shenandoah Valley, about 90 miles from the city. He has specifically instructed you to find a large cabin, not a hotel or resort, because he wants the event to have the feel of a getaway, not a business meeting. But the retreat will serve important business purposes, so employees? families will not be invited. After a bit of Internet searching, you think you?ve found the perfect place: a large, isolated cabin overlooking the Valley. You learn a lot about the property from the website?such as how many the cabin will sleep (20), how it is equipped (it has a large modern kitchen, a deck with a hot tub and 20 chairs, a large-screen TV with cable service, and a game room with an air-hockey table), what it costs ($50 per person per day except on weekends and holidays, when the rate is $75 per day), when it?s available, and what kind of linen service is provided. But you need to know more. For example, is there an area inside the cabin where 20 people can comfortably meet and talk? The pictures on the website don?t make that clear. Is there Internet access? Cell phone service? A DVD player so that employees can watch movies of their choice? How/when do you pay? When will you need to report an exact headcount: What if some people don?t show up?do you still pay for them? And then there are the small things. Are charcoal and lighter fluid included with the grill? Are there paper towels? Salt and pepper? Kitchen linens and soap? Etc.! Since you and the realtor have been playing telephone tag, you decide to document your questions in a business letter so you have a written record of her answers. So you?ll craft a well-organized formal business letter getting the information you need to be sure this important company event will go well? and reflect well on you. Be sure to tell her what she needs to know about your event in order to give you helpful answers. (NOTE: be sure to use itemized questions with needed detail. You may change/add some detail to fit your needs. Make-up name and address of realtor, etc.)Correspondence #4: Negative AnnouncementYou are the office manager at Iver ness Form and Function, LLC, an architecture firm. The custodians report that the break room is so trashed, the amount of time needed to clean it has increased from 15 to 30 minutes each day. Employees who take late lunches and afternoon breaks have no cle an space to use. People are not wiping the tables after they eat, used napkins remain on the tables or on the floor, and dirty dishes are left in the sink. People will heat food that overflows or explodes in the microwave and just leave without cleaning it up. Some of the food in the refrigerator is over a month past its due date. Given all the complaining you have heard about the break room, you would think that people would be more diligent in cleaning up after themselves.In fact, someone left the messa ge CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!!!!! YOUR MOTHER DOESN?T WORK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the microwave last week. As the office manager, you realize that while the custodians are responsible for cleaning every room in the building, the employees? mess es are excessive and unbecoming of people in professional positions. Send an email to employees to encourage them to clean up after themselves. Just last week you were giving a tour to a member of your city?s chamber of commerce and were thoroughly embarrassed when you took him through the break room. Keep in mind that even though you are sending the email to all employees, it is not likely that every employee contributes to the mess.Corres p ondence #3: Refused RequestYou are the public relations director for Billings Industries, a company that has a large campus with beautiful gardens and a park- like setting. Falling Water Sounds, a local arts organization, wants to host a summer concert series on the company?s campus where people can bring their friends and families, enjoy a picnic, and listen to a variety of music groups. Falling Water Sounds wanted to have the concert series in city parks, but people cannot bring alcohol into city parks, and Falling Water S ounds wants people to be able to enjoy whatever food and drink they want to bring to the concert and does not anticipate a rowdy crowd or illegal activity. The goal is to get families and friends together for an evening of music.You envision families enjoying a concert on the company?s campus; you think this is a great opportunity for the company to be a good citizen and to promote the company?s presence in the community. However, you decide to deny the request for at least three reasons. Write a letter to Falling Water Sounds denying the request to hold the summer concert series on your company?s property.Correspondence #2: Claim Letter You open the box of monogrammed shirts you ordered online for the servers at your new restaurant, and your face falls: the shirts are the right color, style, and sizes, but the monogrammed name on the shirts, Mama Mia?s, is misspelled. You call the company from whom you purchased the shirts, Rite Uniforms, and are put in touch with a customer service representative, Suzanne Miller. When you explain the situation, she firsts offers her sincere apologies. She then tells you the process to follow to get the shirts replaced: fax her a letter, on company letterhead, that explains the error and requests replacement shirts. Once she receives this letter (which she will need in order to process your request), she will send you return shipping instructions and get the company working on your replacement shirts. As you prepare to do as she asks, you think about anything else you might add to your message that will help Rite Uniforms solve the problem to your liking and get your relationship with them off on the right foot. Prepare your letter for faxing to Suzanne.:

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