Disaster management and political theories

Running head; Disaster management and political theoriesName:Instructor:Course:Date:AbstractThis paper on disaster management and political theories examines the processes andconflicts of managing tragic events through some selected case study of the Hurricane Katrinadisaster in New Orleans and others. It critically uses the theoretical and analytical resources toexplain the above incident how it occurred and its political responses. The disaster and thefollowing government response to it brought about uncertainty and insecurity in most of theUnited States cities,(Bryant, 2005).,Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) refers to an agency within the UnitedStates Department of Homeland Security. The main function of this agency is to coordinate tothe responses to disasters that have occurred in United States. Such disasters must be verydemanding in terms of resource requirements from the local and state authorities, (George D.Haddow, 2008).The Katrina disaster occurred in the year 2005. This was a flood disaster in New Orleanscity of United States. The government department of homeland security, FEMA was heavilycriticized for its poor response towards this tragedy. It was criticized due to its slow initialresponse to evacuate people from the area of the tragedy that could have saved the lives ofpeople who suffered the disaster, (Bryant, 2004).Experts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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