– Discuss the Concept of Demand for Transport

UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA SABAH BC31203 TRANSPORTATION ECONOMY YUSOFF GROUP DISCUSS THE CONCEPT OF DEMAND FOR TRANSPORT MATRIC COURSE DARVINDRAN SWAROOPARANI SHALANI Introduction The term refers to part of the activity intended to satisfy human needs by means of geographic change position of people or Transportation tries to remove the obstacles due to The transportation industry is very much crucial in a country for economic and social so an adequate transport system is The need of transportation is also to meet the problems associated with increasing government interval with a number of policy Besides transportation is also a part of the productive activity such as phase of production as a production process and goods The transportation industry has the capacity to affect economic development in many for example influencing consumer affecting land use development location and as an input to economic activities such as business and delivery of service which affects production and distribution the means of transport can be divided into three main components which train air sea routes train harbor road railway Air sea transport On the other transportation also increases efficiency that provides productivity gains that filter through the economy in various For example reduce shipping costs may increase

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