Discussion: ANIA Listserv Hot Topics

Discussion: ANIA Listserv Hot TopicsProject descriptionIn this discussion, you will share your ANIA-CARING elist experience. Choose one hot topic/issue/concern that has been discussed on the elist.Create a New Post. Place the Hot Topic Issue title in the subject line of the new post (i.e. ?Meaningful Usea).Submit to the class discussion a detailed summary of an issue/concern/topic that has been discussed on the listserv. Request thoughts and contributions from your peersregarding this topic, and specifically areas that you want to learn more about. Sharing of information synthesized from listserv sites will enhance learning in thiscourse. Group discussion of the listserv information is encouraged to further expand learning with shared experiences and information appropriate to the topics.Discussion Post Directions:Please complete the assigned readings for this module to inform your contributions to the discussion.Are committed to their specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge andwisdom in nursing and informatics practiceIdentify informatics practice as a specialty that is essential to the delivery of high quality, and cost-effective health careAre committed to their professional development and seek to actively engage in a community of like-minded professionalsUse informatics to improve the health of populations, communities, families and individuals by optimizing information management and communicationthis network talk about technologies, education, jobplease let me know if you have an idea about american nurses informatics associationtext booksamerican nurses association.(2008). nursing informatics:scope and standards of practice. silver spring,. MD AuthorMcgonigle and Masterian 2012. nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge 2nd edition!

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