Disease Management- Pharmacology

Paper detailsI?m uploading a word document with all the notes which need to be translated into an essay. The question needs to be incorporated into the answer. Please don?t number them 1-4. In APA format.Pharm Paper. These are just notes I took and these needs to be in a essay format APA style.? Papers should be 2-3 pages in length.? Papers should be in APA 6.0 format with Title page1. Description of the clientSutter telephonic disease management program will take any patient who is affliated with the Sutter Health Care system. They mainly deal with patients who have Diabetes, Heart Failure, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and asthma.2. Description of the client?s medication regimenThe nurse case managers go over the patient?s medications with the patient over the phone. They have the patient name each medication they take and sometimes make them spell out the names and the amount they are taking. Another thing the nurses do is, they have the patient tell the nurse, why they think they are taking the medicine.The nurses will also weigh options of why the patient is taking certain medications and if they are beneficial or harmful to the patient?s health. The nurse case manager also compares medications the patient was prescribed at the hospital with the medications the patient was taking prior to their hospital admission and does medication reconciliation along with clarifying instructions. The patients are also educated on how to use blood pressure cuffs and check the readings.3. Issues regarding the medication(s) such as side effects, drug interactions, efficacy periods, contraindications, etc.The nurse case managers talk about the current medications with the patients and the side effects, drug interactions and any contraindications the drugs might have. Also, if the medications need to be switched due to financial reasons the nurses look at all other alternatives.The nurses can take written, verbal and standing orders and adjust insulin levels for patients.4. Best pharmaceutical management from a case management perspective.Collaborative effort is really important, the collaboration of the patients doctors, nurses, pharmacists and caregivers. Patient centered care is the foundation of a nurse case manager and managing the patient?s medications via information they receive from the patients and through motivational interviewing. As a case manager patient education and patient safety are very important. You need to educate the patient on the medications they are taking and make sure they teach you back, why and for what they are taking the medication.

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