Dissect-A-Track By Tracksilator Inc. Fell

Dissect-A-Track By Tracksilator Inc. Fellow workers, this new device will debut in Tracksilators two hundred-page year-end sale catalogs. I, as vice-president of this company, have called together this meeting to discuss the presentation and marketing strategy of the new Dissect-A-Track. The details and parts of the device will be covered in todays meeting, as well as the usefulness of the mechanism and how it works. Please take notes, and also have your thoughts and ideas on this topic typed up and in my office by tomorrow at nine A.M. Suppose you are a teacher and are teaching a music appreciation class. You start listening to a piece by Haydn and you want to point out and discuss a specific instrument or group of instruments that are playing to your students. What do you do? Get the funding and buy our cheap and affordable Dissect-A-Track by Tracksilator Co. Many people these days are learning instruments. Maybe they want to learn a guitar solo from their favorite guitarist without every time having to buy a twenty-dollar book that shows how. With the Dissect-A-Track anyone can take a single track of music from a CD or tape and listen to it. You can even listen up to ten tracks simultaneously. Also, up to ten tracks at once can be taken out of the song. Lets say you are sick of an annoying melody (a single track) in your favorite song. Simply hook the Dissect-A-Track through the microphone output or any other outputs. Then ou can enjoy the song the way you like. Sometimes someone might just want to hear the drum track for pleasure and then the guitar, violin, accordion, etc. You might also want to know how many tracks make up a song and what the instruments names are. This information would come up on the small black and white screens. Now the consumer knows that the Dissect-A-Track is made for teaching, musicians, and average music listeners who want to know more about the music they are listening to …

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