Diversity Essay American biologist R. H. Whit

Diversity Essay American biologist R. H. Whittaker in 1959 described a classification system of five primary kingdoms: plants, animals, fungi, protists, and monera. Kingdom animalia cover all taxonomic kingdom all living or extinct animals, an example of an animal is a human. Humans thrive off of one thing or another in each of the five kingdoms. The monera kingdom is the lowest division of rhizopods. Bacteria belong to this kingdom. There are many useful and harmful bacteria in the human body including those that are similar to amoebas. They dont have a nucleus. Plantae consist of all living or extinct plants (Plantae, kingdom Plantae, plant kingdom) the taxonomic kingdom that consist of all living or extinct plants. Humans need to have a daily intake of plants to get energy and nutrients so as do most animals in the animalia kingdom that are either herbivore or omnivore. The Fungi kingdom is composed of heterotrophs, organisms that do not produce their own food. One example of this is a paramecium. The Plantae kingdom is composed of multicellular autotrophs, which means they dont produce their own food. Protista are a group of very simple organisms, called protists. They have characteristics of both plants and animals. Most protists are unicellular (consisting of a single cell) and can only be seen with a microscope, although there are some that are made up of more than one cell. All organisms are different even if they do belong to the same kingdom. All species have developed specific mannerisms to benefit them in their environment. Their body structure, reproductive system and food they eat all depend on how they have adjusted to their habitat. Some examples of species that are different from one another are: sequoia redwood trees, which belong to the Plantae family, protists which are protista (a group of very small organisms), arthropoda which are animalia, and bacteria are a type of monera. Bacteria is in …

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