Do Hydrocolloids Prevent Pressure Ulcers?

Hydrocolloids in pressure ulcer prevention Carolyn SUNY Empire Hydrocolloids in pressure ulcer prevention INTRODUCTION TO PROBLEM Hospital Acquired ulcers are a common problem in healthcare are a financial burden to healthcare facilities and can cause an adverse outcome to An estimated patients die each year from complications due to and can cost up to to 28 billion a year Since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services will not reimburse hospitals for treatments associated with stage III and stage IV pressure Prevention is the cornerstone of pressure ulcer Since the studies have shown that a moist wound environment is associated with healing compared to an environment allowed to dry through exposure to Modern dressings such as foams and hydrogels have been designed to maintain a moist and these were found to be cost effective in the treatment of pressure ulcers et Technical approaches of prevention employed in hospitals include pressure reliving cushion and and human approaches including turning and positioning patients et as well as applying a moisture barrier to We must also ask the question is the patient Is the patient being on soiled and how are the nutritional status and albumin which also contribute to healing Dogan Demirkin

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