Do-Not-Resuscitate: Legal and Ethical Issues

Legal and Ethical Issues Most cultures value life and bringing persons back from the dead is a popular subject of many fictional as technology evolves and the story of Frankenstein reborn with a bolt of lighting has come true with the external or implanted the natural process of death slows as much of society gains the knowledge to live longer than nature The Red Cross Association taught many organizations like the girl and boy scouts the methods of resuscitation and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or a manual manipulation of the as life saving methods for electrocution or heart First aid for laypersons to save lives as well as doctors and no one is thinking that the person did not want to live after such an came the dawning of the provision of the order or provision stating not to initiate CPR if the individual is not breathing or the heart Individuals wishing not to be resuscitated after clinical death can choose to place that advance directive in a living will as a do not resuscitate order directing that no CPR is to be The ideal of persons exercising their right to autonomy or their right to make decisions about healthcare before they

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