Does Key Performance Indicators set in Tesco PLS?s annual reports provide useful (good quality) information for decision-making?

Topic. Does Key Performance Indicators set in Tesco PLS?s annual reports provide useful (good quality) information for decision-making?? Critical Analysis of a Contemporary Financial Reporting Issue in the Context of a Current FTSE 100 Case Study Company o Required to prepare a report analysing Tesco PLC in relation to a current topical financial reporting matter.Specific requirements:Executive Summary ? What is the project about? ? What are the main findings from literature and company review? ? What was the overall conclusion and recommendations?Introduction ? Set the scene for the work ? What is the broad topic you are addressing and how it is developed ? Why is this topic important/interesting ? What will you be investigating with respect to the topic ? What is the structure for the rest of the project?Part A)Critically evaluate a current topical financial reporting matter from the list of topics provided below. Your discussion should consider the relevant legal and professional guidance currently in place as well as making reference to current academic thinking guiding the development of the topic.(Literature Review)Literature review (Part A) (Exploring the broad picture, then narrowing down to a specific element of the topic to focus on) ? Definition and history of the area ? Is there IFRS rules/guidelines in broad area or other professional guidelines in place? ? What are the main legal elements (requirements)? ? Professional body opinions (ACCA, ICAW, CIMA etc.) are they telling they will look at the issue or they already have. ? What is the current debate in academic literature regarding this topicPart B)With regard to your chosen topic, analyse the reporting practices of your chosen case-study company. Your analysis should benchmark the reporting practices of your case-study company in comparison to key competitors.Findings and Analysis (part B) ? Overview of the chosen companyand analysis of company position. ? What are the practices adopted by Tesco. ? How do they conform or differ from the legal/professional/academic work contained in your literature review? ? Overview and analysis of competitor (within FTSE 100) including rationale for its use. ? Comparison of companies (Comparison of the degree which they are complying with, or abiding by, or adapting to, or ignoring the guidelines and advises and current academic debate)Part C)Discuss the extent to which the practices identified affect the primary users? understanding of the financial performance and position of the company being analysed. (The most vital part)Affect on primary users(part C) Discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations (The structure should be followed exactly)? Summary of the analysis conducted ? Application to users understanding o (are users getting better value for money, better information?). SHAREHOLDERS AND LENDERS ARE KEY USERS OF ANNUAL REPORTS AND COME BEFORE OTHER STAKEHOLDERS IN THIS PROJECT (A brief justification why shareholders and lenders are key users). o How is the information reported to the users and is it in the context of the company a useful information ? Final summary of achievement of structure and aim from introduction. ? Final conclusion and (if any) recommendations for thecompany/all companies/ professional bodies/users of accounts as a result of your workGeneral requirements. ? Logical flow of content ? The work is descriptive and/or critical. ? Properly referenced ? Enough and varied references. ? Majority up to date references.Structure Executive Summary 500 words (EXACT)Introduction 1000 wordsReview of literature (Part A) 4000 words Results/Findings/Analysis (Part B) 3000 words Discussion/Conclusions/Recommendations (Part C) 2500 words References Appendices Total 11000 wordsWord counts are rough estimates except Executive summary.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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