domain-specific knowledge-based expert systems

domain-specific knowledge-based expert systems1. The power of domain-specific knowledge-based expert systems depends on heuristics rules discovered by the human expert over many years of practice and learning in the application domain. These rules are transferred into the knowledge base of the expert system. Successful applications of expert systems, however, are limited by a number of difficulties (challenges) related to the technology itself, nature of the domain, and knowledge acquisition. Discuss how these limitations keep the expert system technology from becoming a source of competitive advantage.If you are a management consultant, would you recommend the technology to your client? If you do, why? And, if you don?t, why not?(Hint: A line of your reasoning could be can expert systems make a company more innovative? more productive? Why? or why not??)2. What are the strengths of the neural network technology? What are the weaknesses? Discuss how neural networks can be beneficially applied to knowledge management.3. In attempting to improve competitive capabilities, some companies are turning to collective intelligence to speed up innovation processes. After reading the article, what do you think Nucor Steel may do to benefit from internal and/or external collective intelligence? Explain the justification of your suggestions.Category: Term Paper

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