DramaChoose one of your favori

DramaChoose one of your favorite filmmakers in each era and trace your likes and dislikes concerning drama and cinema technique, express your favoringwithout inhibitions.List:Henry Barakat, Kamal Elsheik, Yousef Chahin, Salah Abu seif, Tawfik Saleh, Hasan El Imam , Ezzeldeen Zolfakar, Fateen Abdelwahab (50s-60s generation)Husein kamal, Mohamad Khan, Atef Altayeb, Khairy Beshara, Daoud Abdelsayed (80s generation)Yousry Nasralla, Magdy Ahmad Ali, Osama Fawzi, Zaki fateen( 90s generation)Mohamad Ameen, Ibrahim Batout, Ahmad Abdalla, Hala Khalil, Kamla Abuzekra, Hala Lotfy (Recent)

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