During ones existence, new discoveries about one

During ones existence, new discoveries about ones self tend to occur. One of these discoveries is identity: who we are and what we really want to be. Teena Brandon, a.k.a. Brandon Teena, goes through this tough time in the movie Boys Dont Cry. As you will see, self-identity is not an easy thing to figure out. In the movie Boys Dont Cry, Teena Brandon was born a girl. As she grew older she changed. She felt as if she was really to be a guy. She proceeded to make herself look like a male by cutting her hair shorter, wrapping an ace bandage tightly around her breasts, and putting a sock in her groin area. Everyone she met saw and believed she was a guy. No one knew the truth. She then got mixed in with a new group of people and fell in love with a female named Lana. She gets very close to Lana. During this John and Tom, who are friends of Lana and her mother discover who Brandon really was. They proceeded to rape and beat her. Then they later killed her after they found out she reported the rape to the police. The movie does a very good job of exploring identity. It does it by showing how difficult it is for some people to figure out what and who they are and the pain they go through. For instance, Brandon got along with John, Tom, Candace and Lanas mom in the beginning. They accepted her when they thought she was a he. When they found out that he was really a she, they despised her and called her a lesbian and a freak. It also does a good job of showing how Lana was also confused about who she was. Lana became very attached to Brandon. Even after she found out that Brandon was a girl, she still felt the same love. This is why many people who are confused about their identity keep it inside because theyre scared of what people will think and what people will do to them. It is a very frustrating but at the same time helpful process. Identity can be a struggle for not only the person who is co…

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