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E BusinessYou are to write a report based on Tesco. . The report has to describe the impact of e-business on the chosen organisation and to research and discuss its use of e-business.You will need to ? Investigate and make recommendations for both buy-side and sell-side operations for your chosen organisation. Your investigation and recommendations will vary based on the organisation you have chosen as some will have more sell side recommendations and other organisations will be more focussed on buy-side recommendations.? You need to analyse the organisation?s information flows and the different business areas that could benefit from the use of ebusiness and include operational efficiencies that can be achieved within the organisation?s standard business departments (stock control, Human resources, finance and marketing) with the use of e-business systems. Please ensure your recommendations encompass the organisation?s business strategy. In order to support your arguments you are required to develop an information flow diagram that diagrammatically shows the end to end flow of information from customer to supplier within your chosen organisation.? Identify ebusiness innovations and initiatives that can benefit your organisation. You should also summarise laws and legislation that needs to be considered to facilitate business communications and transactions electronically.? In your conclusion, consider and form a view on the impact of e-business on the organisation into the future. To do this, investigate recent developments of e-business in the UK and make a judgement as to how far the organisation would be affected by these initiatives. You must conduct some competitor analysis in terms of the use of e-business systems within the sector that your organisation operates in.:

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