ECO-2013-Section-77 Kurt Doherty July 29,1999

ECO-2013-Section-77 Kurt Doherty July 29,1999 Assignment #4 To Each His Due All those who live in the United States are accustomed to private property. Everyday situation sometimes lead to what life would be like without it. One can see what the effects are to living in a private society and realize how efficiency and justice are raised to an overall level. This takes place within an apartment building in Washington DC, however many apartments throughout the United States would off the same aspects. Upon living in the apartments, tenants are charged a monthly rent as well as an additional bill for utilities, which includes gas, water, fuel, oil, and electricity. The apartments are considered “master metered”, which means those living in the apartments are allowed to use as much electricity, water and gas as they want. At the end of the month the utilities are added up and divided amongst the number of tenants and then billed appropriately. However, the idea of “master metered” brings up the problem of some getting a free ride off those who conserve. For example, take two people who live in the same apartment complex. One of the tenants is very aware of conserving energy. She always turns off the lights when she’s out of the room, turns the air up a little in the summer and the heat down in the winter. She basically lives her life being a little uncomfortable for the sake of saving everyone in her building a little money. On the other hand, her neighbor does just the opposite. He never turns out the lights, keeps his apartment ice cold in the summer and nice and toasty in the winter. He even decides against turning his air off when leaves for the weekend, figuring he’ll come home to a hot apartment. He feels he is just paying an average of everyone’s consumption so why should he not be comfortable? So between the neighbors, the bill at the end of the month remains the same because one gives a little wh…

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