EcofeminismMust reference 4 of

EcofeminismMust reference 4 of the following: these will be uploadedMary Daly (1978) Gyn/EcologySusan Griffin (1978)Woman and NatureVal plum wood (1993) Feminism and the mastery of nature ch 2- endGaard and Gruen (1993) Toward global justice and planetary healthsimone de beauvoir (1949) history: the point of view of historical materialism & facts and mythsgreata gaard (2002) Vegetarian Ecofeminsim a review essay1: Ecofeminism as feminism? Where does ecomfeminism harm the feminist agenda of true equality and tolerance? for this idea reference bell hooks,sojourner truth and the idea of intersectionality. also reference gender identity and judith butler?s theory of gender performativity.2: The fetus as the patriarchal parasite (focus on daly)3: Ecofeminism vs indegenous feminisms and post colonial issues with regards to both types of feminism. which feminism would be more beneficial forthe indigenous woman?s cause? (talk about residential schooling and the influence of patriarchy on indigenous communities in canada)

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