eCommerce1. What is web analytics? Give an example apart of Goggle analytics. 2. Wow GA does benchmarking? Explain with why so an ecommerce application should benchmark and why should not. 3. Refer to a travel website. What types of benchmarking could be done by GA. What is the usability of each type? 4. Describe the four types of information provided by GA. 5. Describe the indicators in the visitors, traffic sources, and content panels. 6. Describe the prospect management challenge in ecommerce in finding the appropriate mix between new and existing visitors. How do you associate it with conversation rate? What indicators would use to manage prospects? 7. How do you evaluate stickiness? What do the outcomes of the analytics reveal in changing the content and pages of the ecommerce application? 8. Identify some reason for high bounce rate? Visit Why the site has a high bounce rate? 9. How analytics relate to market segmentation? What segmentation analytics are available? 10. How analytics are used to manage the sources of your visitors in relation to Branding (viral marketing), SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing in relation to goal setting. 11. How do you perform content management in relation to your products in the e-shop. 12. How ecommerce managers can set and monitor goals? What types of goals they might set in relation to short, medium and long terms? 13. What is an ecommerce sales funnel? For your term project design an ecommerce marketing strategy and reflect this strategy with an appropriate sales funnel. 14.What is Autotagging? How you can do it? 15. What is ecommerce transaction tracking? How can you benefit following transaction on your site and referral sites?:

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