Economic Analysis of the Australian Personal Property Security Act 2009

The Attorney General of Australia announced that there will be a review of the Personal Property Security Act 2009 this year. In lieu of this review, this thesis isaiming to conduct an economic analysis of the Personal Property Security Act 2009 (e.g. considering the benefits of credit becoming more readily available through thegreater use of personal property as acceptable security, and a costs/benefit analysis (for example: the benefits versus the uncertainties for owners that are nowregarded as mere lessors for the purposes of the Personal Property Security Act). The essay is therefore to look at the benefits of the Personal Property Security Actalong with the various problems with the Act.It is an essential requirement that this thesis be interdisciplinary in that it must integrate the law with another academic discipline. I have therefore chosen tointegrate the law (the Personal Property Security Act 2009) with economics (an economic analysis of the Personal property Security Act 2009 (i.e. its costs versus itsbenefits). It is important that the thesis continue to maintain this interdisciplinary theme throughout the thesis.Ideally the thesis will have a short abstract before beginning with an introduction. The thesis would then give some background information to the PPSA (when it began,what is personal property and what is a security interest, etc) and the idea of economic analysis before continuing to the economic analysis of the Personal PropertySecurity Act 2009.The thesis should aim to have at least 80 ? 100 references as a minimum, with the majority of references being from reputable or scholarly sources (i.e. legislation,cases, journal articles, textbooks, reports, reform commissions, law firm commentary etc).Overall the thesis is to be 6000 words plus references.!

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