Economic Principles 515

Economic Principles 515Some examples for MAJOR ESSAY TOPICSHere is a list of examples of the topics that you can work on for your assignment. You may choose any topic from the list but don?t restrict yourself to just these topics / articles.The instructions on how to write the assignment and how to submit it are in unit outline; however in addition see below a few more instruction.1. You can decide to choose a topic of your own and the list below will provide you with examples of the issues you should be looking at but again feel free to consider other issues that you may particularly interested in and think can relate to what we are studying in Economic principles. Please check with your tutor the topic/ article first to see that it is suitable.2. Since the essay has to have a range of references you will need to research other articles that are on the same topic.3. In writing the essay you MUST include some QUOTES from the various articles. These are taken word for word from the article and are put in your essay in inverted commas. You would then write your comments and explanations about the quotes you have used.4. In week 8 you should give your tutor an outline of the essay (a maximum of 1 page). The outline should give detail of the main points, what data and diagrams you are going to use and especially detail about the Conclusions you are going to explain (See the unit outline to understand what needs to be in the Conclusions ? and what is NOT to be included as a conclusion ? take SPECIAL care with this to see you have put the correct material in your Conclusions section. If you are not very clear about what is required then ask your tutor. The outline is more than a plan and should be a full page of information.MICROECONOMICS TOPICSPerth housing market prices power prices ore prices rental market on tabacco cars Mart case study TOPICSFiscal policy rates rates :Due at the start of your Lecture in Week 11.TopicElectricity prices assignment is an assessment worth 25%. All assignments must be accompanied by a student?s own CoverPage containing the student?s name, student ID, unit name, tutorial day and time, and tutor?s name. Studentsshould allow a 2 to 3 week marking turnaround for written assignments. It is the student?s responsibility to keepelectronic copies of their assignment. The assignment must also be submitted to ?Turnitin??instructions areon Blackboard. That is, please submit BOTH an electronic copy via Blackboard and a signed hardcopy of youressay to your tutor. Thanks.You are to select an article for economic analysis?with an option of possibly choosing from the topicsas specified by your Tutor: [Your tutor will inform you about the random selection method.] The articlerelates to one or more of the topics (chapters) covered in the lecture program, namely themicroeconomics and macroeconomics topics.You are to apply your economic theory to explain and analyse the article. Refer to the ?An inside look?section at the end of each chapter in the textbook for examples. The assignment should beapproximately 1800- 2000 words in length and include well-labelled diagrams. A copy of the articleshowing date and source is to be included with the analysis.I would suggest that you present your assignment as a report ? include an executive summary page,introduction, economic concepts/theories to be applied, analysis, conclusion and references.An important part of assignment writing is to correctly reference the sources of information that you haveused. Correctly referencing your work will help to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism means presenting thework or property of another person as one?s own, without appropriate acknowledgement or referencing(the copying of other people?s work and/or ideas). Plagiarism is a form of cheating. The penalty forplagiarism is a mark of zero and possible expulsion from the unit and/or course of study.The assignment is worth a value of 25. The score is out of 50 divided by 4, and is allocated asfollows:Introduction (summary of key issues in article) = 5Outline of theory from course relevant to article = 10Application of theory to article (i) range = 5(ii) depth of analysis = 5Drawing of diagrams and use of data = 5Evidence and quality of research = 10*Conclusions (i.e. recommendations/implications) = 10At least 10 referenceTOTAL = 50* = not a summary of what has already been said for which there are NO marks. You must show whohas gained, who has lost (or who is worse off), changes likely to occur in short run and in long run, dealwith issues such as should the government intervene and if so how? (or if not, why not?), will there beany permanent changes? or will market return to the previous equilibrium? ?or any other relevantaspects.!

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