EDUC2321 Assessment 1: Specialist Assignment ? Showcasing the Artist Within

EDUC2321 Assessment 1: Specialist Assignment ? Showcasing the Artist WithinQuestions 1 and 2 combined ? 300 words, excluding references.Responding, Relating and Reasoning: Questions1. What workshop experience (reported in the context statement) stayed with you and why?The workshop experience that stayed with me was how the use of background music could influence your artwork?. (please help me find relevant literature to Discuss (check for the help you need) this point).Listening to music makes us feel different things. This is because there is a shift in emotion, as a consequence, colour choice influenced (not in my own words).Another experience that stayed with me was the refreshing of colour theories. Colour theory is an important part of creating any artworks. I think it is important for students to learn about the basics of colour theory because choosing colours for a composition should not be guesswork; instead, a colour combination should be well planned. This can only occur by having a good understanding of the basic of colour theory. As I have a basic knowledge of colour theory, I was reaffirmed the primary colours included red, blue, and yellow. However, I was not aware that those colours could not be made by mixing with other colours together.What never really crossed my mind when painting a picture was that warm colours tend to come forward, whereas, cool colours revert back. Other theories that Fabian introduced was tint, shade and tone. Fabian (tutor) referred tint as the addition of white, whereas, shades and tones referred to the colour in addition to black.Reconstructing and Reasoning:2. How has your reported experience this week influenced what you would do in your educational practice with the arts in early childhood? (Use your readings and curriculum documents to support the reasons you provide for your thinking).The following points are not in my own words. Refer to them if you feel it is relevant:Our students, or well maybe my students, are engaged in learning most when they can interact with the concepts that I am trying to teach them. Sure, mixing colours with paint, and filling in a colour wheel is interactive. This is an activity that all students should participate in. I?m not suggesting that this activity be scratched. But I felt like my students needed a tool that would answer their questions about the basics of colour theory in a more immediate way, something that they could interact with. A tool that they could have access to, and that would reinforce the traditional concepts that I taught them.Modelling how too carefully use acrylic paint and brush, for example, is sound intentional teaching practice as referred to in the EYLF document. It is not about teaching a child to affect a predetermined adult idea of a finished product. By engaging with artistic mediums in front of children we can teach their value as a vehicle for expression. For example, when we apply paint with a certain gesture, we indicate our mood. When we choose particular colours, we also choose to express a feeling. This kind of adult engagement and shared Discuss (check for the help you need)ion about it does not create a risk of adult/child comparison. Instead, it promotes interaction, questioning, wonder, exploration and the value of shared creative expression.

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