Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum

KENYATTA UNIVERSITY MAIN EDUCATION EDUCATIONAL POLICY AND CURRICULUM STUDIES UNIT EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION UNIT EAP 401 Interrogate the new constitution especially chapter 43 that states that every person has the right to The article has not been legislated for by the parliament as per the fifth schedule article 26 1 of the What are the implications and issues that might arise if this article is not enacted with immediate effect DATE OF 24TH OCTOBER 2011 also called is any act that in general leaves a formative impact on the and behaviour of an It is the main process by which the society deliberately conveys skills and useful values form generation to Educated persons hence have an optimal and sound state of mind regardless of their state and They able to perceive think clearly and to achieve their goals and The right to education has been created and recognized by some the United Nations and the European Union are among the main international bodies that have kept education at the forefront of the human Article 2 of the first protocol to the European Union Convention on Human Rights obliges all signatory parties to guarantee the right to The United Nation also has

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