Edvard Munch often portrayed death, love loss

Edvard Munch often portrayed death, love loss and grief in his artwork because of the reflection it had on his own turbulent personal life. His mother died of tuberculosis when he was just five years old. After the death of his mother Munchs father turned to religion as comfort. Often using religion in an almost fanatic manner. His behavior bordered insanity. Munchs father at times seemed playful and child like and other times disciplined his children with great force, leading Edvard to never know what to expect from his father. Edvard was often ill in his childhood. This caused him to miss much of his schooling. Growing up, Munchs household was surrounded with illness and disease. Just as tuberculosis took his mothers life, Edvard watched helplessly at the age of fifteen as his older sister, Sophia, suffered from the same disease. Thus, eventually loosing her battle as well. Although Edvard Munch pursued woman incessantly throughout his life he was unsuccessful in ever really having any sort of normalcy where different sex relationships were concerned. He followed woman and never quite got the hint they were uninterested. There were many times in Edvards life where he frightened women with his obsessed like behavior he displayed towards them. This kind of behavior and his lack of relationships with woman would add to the anxiety Munch felt towards woman. As a result, when he entered his forties he suffered a nervous breakdown. Edvard Munch viewed his childhood as unjust. These experiences in childhood preoccupied Munch throughout his life and can be detected when viewing his work, especially in his earlier works where the focus surrounds family tragedies. …

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