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A partnership is an arrangement between two or more groups organizations or individuals to work together to achieve common aims. Effective partnership working must have some sort of personal stake in the partnership. All partners should work towards the same goal. The partners should have similar system of beliefs and work together over a reasonable period of time. Partners should understand the value of what each of them can contribute to the set aim. Both should respect and trust each other. Partnership working also shares creativity and responsibility. Working together can highlight different issues problem and solutions andEffective partnership working there is more potential for productivity or effectiveness. All partners must always tell each other what is planned and consult everything together before making any decisions. They must act together as everyone working towards the same outcome. 1.2 Working in partnership with colleagues it?s very important .We all need to work in the same way and be consistent. People I work with on daily basis are the best source of advice and information needed when some issues may arise. By working together I am able to see all recorded information and being able to use them when needed .Communication within the home is a key to effective support .By working together everyone can be supported and all ideas can be taken into consideration on meetings and solving issues become easiest. Working with other professionals like Learning Disability team or Intensive support team also gives me a different point of view on situation and this way I receive support from qualified and understanding people. I can share information and seek advice .This way I get an excellent feedback and much needed support .Some individuals have a complex needs which are very difficult to cope and seeking support from others is very important .Organization receive different training and do specialize in giving help .Therefore maintaining good relationship with them is important to provide the quality support for Service Users. Working in partnership with advocates is needed when Individuals have a lack of capacity and have no one who can act on their behalf . Working together with independent advocates shows that setting follows the guidelines and regulations .Independent person can see the different point of the situations discussed and help to decide what is the best for the person concerned .As a support staff will share all relevant information with them and act on the best interest of the individual. Working with families Service users friend of individuals give me a never ending source of information?s so I?m able to provide the care they want .By working together we gain information and that can help make Individuals live easier in the care setting. This way parents feel valued and respected. Parents and family feel comfortable when visiting the setting talking to and planning with workers .Every opinion must be valued and treated seriously as we all want the best for the Service Users .Talking and working together with individuals gives us a chance to get to know they likes and dislikes and be able to make them happy. 1.3 Partnership is about relationship between people and the aim of it is to achieve what couldn?t be achieved alone. By working together we build a relationship. We improve outcomes and achieve more equal life for the individuals and better future for them. Because everyone works together Service User can feel safe and have choice of where and how they want to live. As staff I need to listen to them and give them choice and information?s must be available in the right format .Individuals feel valued and respected. They know that there is a lot of different people who are happy to help and give advice .It also makes staff feel more valued as they have they say and their opinion is more valued what means that they are more happy to stay in the work place like that.”

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