effects of hotel and restaurant management

BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management program is geared towards equipping students with the necessary skills and attitude to provide quality service in the hospitality The program contains subjects that will address the needs of different sectors in the hospitality such as front resort and hotel Its primary concentration is on the development of practical and management skills which are achieved through the combination of theoretical practicum exercises and experiential Graduates of this course will possess business management and accounting skills to be able to compute daily recipe control and inventory The program also helps students to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills which are essential in establishing positive What are the admission requirements for the BSHRM program in the Must be a high school but for students who were not able to complete secondary level of admission is still possible as long as you passed the Philippine Educational Placement Test Must take and pass the college entrance Must pass the interview conducted by the college admission Some schools require a specific grade average upon graduating high Must pass the minimum height for women and for What skills

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