Effects of Modern Technology Among Students

ABSTRACT In the knowledge economy it is appropriate to revise the approach to teaching and learning in unpredictable environment in which wider numbers of societies The traditional approach to learning and teaching cannot be precisely because of unstable conditions in which the gaining knowledge comes to In the age of globalization and digitization of social and economic life it has become a very important need of skilful and flexible use of ever more sophisticated tools and At thanks to modern acquisition of skills and qualifications has become easier and more In this paper it has been made an aim to estimate the use of modern in particular such amplified videoconferences online in real strategic social networking sites or books enabling the creation of knowledge and which may be an element of value innovation in higher There were made the differentiation of use of new technologies in higher and it was shown their both from the view of the recipients of educational and from the point of view of the universities in Philippines and other There were analyzed the opinions about the benefits and the major problems associated with the use of modern technologies described in this paper Table of Contents

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