Effects of Smartphones

Effects of SmartphonesSmartphones affect people negatively because they are very addicting, they affect people psychologically and they interfere with interpersonal bonding by causing on-going distractions and less productionTOPIC Write a documented argumentative essay clearly stating and defending your position on the issue you chose for the annotated bibliography. Consider that you are writing for a skeptical audience ? one that has doubt/ignorance of your issue but that can be persuaded/informed. Essay must contain all elements of argument: clear statement of issue, well-articulated claim, 3-4 reasons supporting the claim, evidence supporting each reason, and discussion of and response to opposing viewpoint(s). Use a minimum of eight (8) sources. Each one must be quoted at least once; there should be approximately 15 quotations in the entire essay. Use a variety of quotation styles (direct, integrated), and be sure that an in-text (parenthetical) citation appears at the end of every sentence that contains a direct quotation. End the essay with a Works Cited page. Along with the essay, turn in a copy of all sources you used. Highlight or underline the material in those sources that you quoted in your essay.INTRODUCTION Draft an introductory paragraph. Below are the content guidelines: ? begin by establishing your interest in the subject matter ? this can be done using narrative and/or descriptive writing about your topic in general; basically, give the reader a sense of your experience/relationship with this topic (do not begin by writing My interest in this subject matter ?; instead, let your narration/description demonstrate that interest)? explain what you already know about your topic and how you know it? narrow the issue you want to explore regarding your topic, some aspect of it that you may have some knowledge of but want to know more about and why? establish who your audience is and the attitude/belief the audience has toward the issue? state your claim, the overall point you hope to make/prove/demonstrate using your research; you may write your claim using the delayed-thesis option? make sure all parts of this paragraph are smoothly connected; the sentences should read like a discussion, not a list of information:

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