Effects of television on children

Watching television is bad for children. Each student will choose one topic and write a four to six page paper (maximum 7 pages) covering the questions asked about that particular topic. Sign up for one topic by signing your name on one of the sheets that will be provided in the lab by the second week of the semester. Keep track of the topic that you sign up for in the booklet. Each topic has a sign up sheet with a particular number set as the maximum number of students per topic, depending on the topic. For the paper, use size 12 font, double spaced. If you use internet sources you must cite each reference. Use the APA method for citing references. You can go on-line, look up APA citation method and see how to reference your paper. Every time that you use a quote or directly take some piece of information from an article or other source, it must be referenced. Cite the source and write down the original article or source on the reference page at the end of the report.!

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