Elite Mobile Company

Elite Mobile CompanyDescription: As this is a simulation, all the information is based on rounds that we have played. 1- Background information (Brand overview) Please elaborate on thefollowing points. NAME OF THE COMPANY: ?Elite? PRODUCTS: 3 different products which you will find in the excel sheet and also the simulationdescription, which I will include. We will be introducing a new product for the low segment in Asia in this round. you can add any other scene settinginformation you feel needs to be provided. 2-Current situation and Trends Summaries of relevant background information on the market, competitionand microenvironment, and trends therein, including size and growth rates for the overall market and any key segments. ( I will include the MarketOutlook for Rounds 1 & 2) 3- Key Issues and Objectives Identification of the main opportunities and threats to the products that must be dealt with inthe coming years, and the relevant strengths and weaknesses of the products. Objectives will set out the goals in terms of sales volume and marketshare. ( check the excel sheet 4-Marketing startegies Summary of the overall strategic approaches that will be used to meet the plans objectives.5-Action plan This specifies for each products or set of products The target to pursued what specific actions will be taken with regard to the 4 P?s!

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