Emile Durkheim; Division of Labour in Society

Durkheim argued that social structure depends on the level of division of labour in a society other in the manner in which tasks are a task such as providing food can be carried out almost totally by one individual or can be divided among many people latter pattern typically occurs in modern and retailing of a single food item are performed by literally hundreds of In societies in which there is minimal division of a collective consciousness develops with emphasis on group implying that all individuals perform the same Since everyone is engaged in similar each person prepares makes and builds homes and so People have few options regarding what to do with their there is little concern for individual the group will is the dominating force in Both social interaction and negotiation are based on face to face social Since there is little there are few social As societies become more advanced greater division of labor takes The person who cuts down timber is not the same person who puts up your With increasing many different tasks must be performed by different individuals even in manufacturing items such as radios or In social interactions became less personal than in

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