Emily Dickinsons Views on Death Emily Di

Emily Dickinsons Views on Death Emily Dickinsons views on death, as conveyed through her poetry, changed from poem to poem depending on her mood. Her writings also span over many years and one can see a progression in her thoughts on the subject of death as she matures as a person. Dickinson was not as interested in detail, but in the circumference of the idea. Many of her poems leave the reader lacking a definite answer to the issues of death brought up within the poems. As with most poetry, Dickinson often writes about subjects and activities that relate her thoughts in a roundabout way. For example, in her poem I Heard a Fly Buzz a dead observer watches a fly buzzing around during the last few moments of his existence. Of course, she could really care less about talking about a fly. She is trying to share of views on death. Her writings usually supply, at least, a direction of her thoughts on this matter, but the reader must use intuition in order decipher the deeper meanings. While she expresses the thought that death is simply a separation from loved ones, whittled in with doubts about Christian views, Dickinsons highly regarded poetry communicates to the readers that death is no big deal and almost welcomes bereavement, but, at times, one gathers a sense that death truly scares her to deathno pun intended. It is believed that Emily suffered some sort of tragic loss around 1860, when she slowly became a recluse dressed in white. She saw fewer and fewer visitors until finally none. She seemed to have had very few intense relationships throughout her life, including a tutor, a minister, and her father. These men came and went, by death or from moving away, but Emily took the losses very hard. These types of occurrences molded much of her thinking about life and death. Though she didnt seem to get out of her comfort zone and actually experience life, some critics claim, Emily seemed t…

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