Employee Selection Process in Private Company

EMPLOYEE SELECTION FOR SMALL BUSINESS THE INFLUENCES OF THE UNIFORM GUIDELINES AND COURT DECISIONS McKendree College Business Division 701 College Road IL 62254 ABSTRACT The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures were promulgated with large businesses in mind in order to affect large numbers of employees as rapidly as the employee selection validation procedure advocated by the Equal Employment Opportunity criterion related is one that small business owners are unable to use due to statistical restraints and the lack of personnel with the esoteric knowledge of validation These coupled with court decisions such as Albemarle Paper Company Moody in which the United States Supreme Court ruled the test validation guidelines issued by the EEOC were to be given by lower have left small business owners with one practical and potentially legally defensible approach to employee This paper briefly mentions the advantages of valid employee selection followed by a detailed description of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures relevant court and a case study describing the validation of a small business employee selection test by the INTRODUCTION The importance of small business to the economy was well summarized by Siropolis who more than 99 percent of the 16 million businesses

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