Enabling Policies for Africa Food Security

urityENABLING POLICIES FOR AFRICAN FOOD A MEANS TO ENHANCE SKILLS FOR TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Abstract This paper discusses issues of food insecurity in Africa and the need to reposition Technical and Vocational Education and Training for curbing food insecurity and promoting development in The paper highlights the concept of TVET and its challenges and opportunities of repositioning The paper also identifies causes of insecurity and implications to development in roles of TVET in curbing insecurity and promoting The paper emphasizes strategies for repositioning TVET in promoting The paper concludes that for a nation to develop and overcome the challenges posed by food priority should be given to reposition technical and vocational education and appropriate measures for effective repositioning were Key Food Technical and vocational education and skills development and poverty INTRODUCTION Food security is a fundamental health and development issue in Food plays an important social and cultural role in all African Diverse factors operating at multiple levels challenge the capacity of African countries to ensure food At the macro population urbanization and climate change affect availability and access to safe and nutritious national and regional policies on land and the trade and and transport and communications systems have an

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