Engineering and Construction Electrical Principles

Engineering and Construction Electrical PrinciplesEAT113 Electrical Principles?In Flight Referral CourseworkPART IA particular type of battery can be modelled as an ideal voltage source and a series internal resistanceRint. Design an experiment to accurately measure the value of the series internalresistance for a givenbattery. You have the following equipment available:?Voltmeters?A variable resistor?A resistor of known resistance RkYour experimental design should contain the following elements:?A circuit diagram showing the experimental setup?Anexplanation of your experimental method?An explanation of the analysis/calculations you will perform to estimate Rintincluding anexplanation of how you will minimise the effects of experimental error.PART IIYou are required to design an experiment which can be used to measure the relative permeability of asample of material. You have the following materials available?A soft iron toroid with an air?gap the precise size of the samples to be evaluated.?An unlimited quantity of insulated wire.?A multimeter capable of measuring AC RMS voltages?A signal generator capable of producing a sinusoidal voltage wave form.Write a description of an experiment which can be used for this purpose. Your description shouldinclude:?An explanation of the underlying principle for the experiment?A diagram showing the experimental setup.?An outline of the calculations which will be used to process the resultsPART IIIYou are given a ?black box? digital circuit with four inputs and a single output. The output is an unknowncombinatorial logic function of the four inputs. Describe an experimental process which could be used todesign a circuit to replicate the ?black box? circuit.You should present your work as a written technical report following the normal style conventions forsuch a document. The marks will be allocated as per the attached mark?sheet.Mark SheetPart I246810Circuit Diagram of Experimental SetupExplanation of Experimental MethodExplanation of Data AnalysisExplanation ofhow Experimental Error will be MinimisedPart IIExperimental PrincipleDiagramOutline of CalculationsPart IIIExperimental ProcedureDesign ProcedurePresentation and Format of Report:Total Mark:/100Submission Deadline: 17pm, Friday 23rdMay.

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