Engineers: Men with Oily Rags and Hammers?

Module CE Men with oily rags and The early Real life The term has many different meanings depending on whom you they will give you their own interpretation of an As the term is so commonly used on a daily its true meaning has become somewhat distanced and diluted from the definitions provided by the professional bodies and also the literate bodies But even if the definitions from the professional bodies are they still differ from one to the Even the UK based bodies have a let alone comparing the rest of the Several key factors run true though for each and they are explained in the following The word engineer is defined as a person whose job is to design or build engines or electrical or things such as railways or using scientific and person whose job is to repair or control engines or electrical Dictionary Cambridge University The term is derived from the Latin roots ingeniare and ingenium Concise Oxford April Oxford April Oxford University 22 October In an engineer is a person who faces a problem and through the use of physics and their will divulge a solution to overcome the The engineer also has to deal

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