English 2010/Short Critical Paper #2/60 points 8 pages, double-spaced, MLA form. One more thing 9 pages full not 8 thank you

Paper detailsAnswer the following: 1. Silko makes a distinction between within and landscape as it relates to the human consciousness on page 27. What is this distinction? How does this idea connect with her statement, The remains of things?animals and plants, the clay and stones?were treated with respect, because for the ancient people all these things had spirit and being (26). 2. The squash blossom itself is one thing: itself (28). Explain what Silko means by this statement. Pick an object that you think has inherent power. (It can be anything.) Relate how this object is itself in the context of Silko?s meaning. 3. Silko writes that the migration journey of the Laguna Pueblo was accomplished by noting prominent features of the landscape. Thus, the journey was an interior process of the imagination? (37). Explain what you think she means by this? 4. According to Silko, what does communal storytelling accomplish? How does this tie in with concepts of the individual in this communal landscape? 5. What is the point of the Yupik story beginning on page 44? What does the symbol of the ice blue bear mean? How is it significant in the final line of the essay, When humans have? (47). ________________________________________________________________ Objectives/Rubric: 60 points ? EACH part of the question is fully answered. Answers show contemplation and depth are not surface or too general. Appropriate analysis for critical thinking is evident. 25 points ? Examples from the reading support answers. The applicability of these quotes towards the answers is well-developed and critical points made. 20 points ? Transition sentences connect paragraphs and create flow. 10 points ? Sentence level problems are few and do not detract from the reading. 5 points:

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